‘the Nottingham FRPath course was an excellent source of information and helped me tremendously in my last minute revision and preparation’

D.Ghosh (Achieved FRCPath Part 2 2021)

‘Thank you very much for conducting this online course it was very helpful for me in passing this exam. I would like to thank all the consultants who gave lectures in their respective areas. I am really grateful for your entire team’

S.Veerappa (Achieved FRCPath Part 2 2021)

‘Programme helped me to realize my weak areas, and how to improve and prepare for the exam ..I will apply the knowledge gained from the course in my real daily practice. Thank you so much’

‘an excellent educational event’

‘well organised and I learned a lot from it. The colleagues who chaired each day did a great job, as did all the organisers’

‘an excellent educational event’

‘fantastic quality and provided useful exam-oriented advice’

‘Thank you so much for these amazing presentations. I will definitely pass this information to my colleagues

‘It was really focused and very helpful for exam preparation’

a really useful course’

The organisation and communication throughout the course by Stacey was excellent’

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